We are just a few days away from 310YP’s premiere summer event –  the South Bay Brewery Hop on Sunday, June 22, 2014. The fun will take place at three of the South Bay’s Best Craft Breweries: Absolution Brewing Company, Smog City Brewing Company, and King Harbor Brewing Company. Craft beer, cool breezes, and great networking abound. Get your tickets now before the event sells out. Cheers! For more insight into the breweries, read our Q&A below.

Nigel Heath, Absolution Brewing Company:

Q:  How did you pick your name?

A: Absolution means freedom – freedom from drinking yellow fizzy so-called ‘beer’ that has flooded the market and numbed our taste buds in recent decades.  Our logo, the nail, represents unity and hard work; put them together and you get Absolution Brewing Company.

Q: How was the brewery started?

Three buddies, Nigel, Steve & Wes came together in the beginning of 2013 to craft fine beers & ales using Old World styles and New World Ingredients. We are all grounded in tradition and inspired by new ingredients, aromas, and flavors. ABC craft beers are refreshingly unique, satisfyingly complex, and pleasantly robust. We hope our beers inspire your palate with Pure Pleasure, No Guilt.

Laurie Porter, Smog City Brewing Company:

Q: Why did you pick the South Bay?

A: We were looking for industrial space close to our home, at a reasonable (and sustainable rate), and on the Westside where we feel most at home and have built the strongest support. Torrance is exceptionally business friendly and was a perfect fit for our brewery.

Q. Which is your favorite craft beer?

A: We love beers from many different breweries and to choose one would be nearly impossible. It’s about the environment: who are we with, where we are, what are we doing, and what are we eating that really make for the overarching craft beer experience. It’s not just about the beer, it’s about the community and atmosphere that surrounds each experience.

Tom Dunbabin, King Harbor Brewing Company: 

Q: How the brewery was started?

A: Two craft beer enthusiasts had some ideas on the type of brewery and beers they wanted to see, but felt like were missing. After meeting head brewer Phil McDaniel (formerly of The Bruery and Stone) the three started brewing with the idea that approachable beers can be unique and taste awesome.

Q: How did you pick your name?

A: With our love for the South Bay we wanted a name that was immediately identifiable. If you live around here or travel through the area you know “King Harbor” and you’ll know our brewery is local.



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